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Building a Brand for a Faith-Based School

Hodaviah School approached us with a unique challenge of creating a brand identity that would encompass their core values as a faith-based institution. Providing education from Pre-Nursery to Secondary School, Hodaviah’s mission is to nurture students who are not only academically excellent but also possess strong values to make a positive impact in the world.

Our team began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the institution’s values and beliefs to ensure that the brand identity accurately represented their essence. Through extensive research and consultations, we gained a deep understanding of their vision and goals.

We designed the Hodaviah identity to reflect their values, incorporating simple and relatable elements. The wreath symbolizes royalty, signifying the school’s commitment to nurturing students to become kings and queens in their chosen fields. The graduation cap represents intelligence, reflecting the institution’s emphasis on academic excellence. The bible symbolizes spirituality, signifying the school’s commitment to nurturing students’ moral and ethical values. The shield represents faith, reflecting the school’s commitment to instilling strong spiritual values in their students.

The result was a brand identity that truly epitomized Hodaviah’s values and mission. The new brand identity effectively communicated their unique value proposition and contributed to increased brand recognition and awareness.


Delta, Nigeria


Hodaviah Schools