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Brand Revamp for a Solutions-Driven Company

MAAT Solutions Consult Limited (MAAT) is a technology and engineering service provider across various industries, committed to enhancing customers’ production assets and elevating service delivery.

The primary focus of MAAT is centered on developing first-in-class innovative solutions, with a dedication to delivering these solutions efficiently and proactively to clients, aiding them in achieving their strategic goals.

We revamped the company’s corporate identity with emphasis on the organization’s expertise in delivering trusted solutions. We facilitated a brand strategy session with key members of the organization to understand what they intend to achieve and how we can partner with them in achieving their objectives. A brand strategy document was later developed.

We developed the corporate identity to embody a blend of corporate professionalism and creativity. The central element of the identity is a shield symbolizing trust and security while the embossed M shape on the shield reflects the company’s unwavering dedication to collaborative problem solving.


Lagos, Nigeria


MAAT Solutions Consult Limited